I am offering some new digital prints that I have been working on.  These are 
beautiful ,bright paintings and clear sharp prints.  The colors are gorgeous and
with a white mat and a white floating frame would be outstanding additions to a 
contemporary kitchen or family space. They are inspired by trompe l'oeil and my 
love of color.  Here are three of the first ones that I am offering.  They will be 
individually signed.
This print can be ordered in 20" High x 16" Wide       $75.00  plus shipping 
Blue and White Vase with Color

This Abstract Fruit Print can be ordered 16" x 20"   $75.00 plus shipping 

Abstract Fruit with Bananas
This Print of" Fruit with Lemon" may be ordered in 16" x 20" for $75.00 plus shipping 
Fruit with Lemon and Lots of Color

For Monkey Prints or Monkey Paintings, click here, and you will be taken

the Monkey Pages.   There

you will see the different Monkeys that can be ordered or also commissioned. 

 Thank you for your interest.!    Diane Voyentzie
The above 12 x 18 print is available along with four other prints of monkeys at the

I mean I am speechless. It is truly amazing. I can't even begin to thank you. I will 

love this for the rest of my life. Thank you!   

Tricia Ward Holloway, CCIM Wellington, FL                                                                                               


The Bricktops Monkeys are enjoying drinks in Bricktops Restaurants in Naples, Charlotte, Nashville, Atlanta, St. Louis, Coral Gables, and a new opening in Palm Beach. 
The Bartender Monkey  below is in the Monkey Bar.  Diane Voyentzie painted it in 1995.